Trend Review: Web2.0 Rockets and Gliders in Webdesign!

Web2.0 rockets and gliders

are visually appealing elements, normally used to indicate speed. Here goes a list of sites that follow this



1. A Pilot


2. Div Voted


3. Drupal Con


4. Get Me Fast


5. iSlayer


6. Jeff Sarmiento


7. Little Kids Bedrooms


8. Rawkes


9. Sopa


10. Mix Online


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  1. Really attractive and sites with good color schemes.I liked the look of the sites,they look trendy

  2. nice collection..
    also chek turbo milk … they made a greal milk rocket:)

  3. Here’s another good example:

    Instead of using the rocket image to imply speed, it is used here to convey the idea of a launch and getting a project off the ground.

  4. the great list web 2.0

  5. Yes, very impressive artwork!
    Those are designed using IL or PS or both? How do you guys come up with these great tastes of colors?

  6. good catch..
    kudos for the great list…