Trend Review: Paper Planes

Paper Planes

are normally used to represent speed or a medium to send message. Here goes a list of sites that use Paper Planes.

Paper Planes in websites

spoongraphics paper plane trend
free-business-card-templates paper plane

shannon paper plane

Please share your thoughts on this trend using the comment form below :)

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  1. very creative. it gives whatever message your sending more emphasis.

  2. Does anyone know a good tutorial to make these types of aeroplane, because i find it hard to make the aeroplane look at an angle?

    • So this is what it’s come to? I do have to agree it looks awesome though!

      For tuts I haven’t seen many around. Illustrator is very tricky when it comes to shadows and angles.

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  4. wow this is great collection tnx for shering this

  5. wow…. it is beautiful design here. I love your place. It is very attractive.

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  11. I only knew the yousendit logo and site. Thanks for sharing! Nice blog… I bookmarked it.

  12. the icons you were doing awesome..

  13. The paper plane always catches attention of the viewer and makes the matter look interesting.People would not admit it but it is a fact that most of us do try make out the trajectory the plane is going to take in the matter !.One of my favorite items

  14. wow..there is cool if we have that ones at our page..thanks for sharing! nice post :D

  15. well it really has become a trend now.I didn’t know about it.
    Thanks to share it.
    It is good to decorate site with planes and sending a massage to our readers that we are fast.

  16. Thanks for the article … a contractor was at our company a while back and came up with a design .. which …. lo and behold .. bears remarkable similarity to one of these :-(

  17. Great collection, thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for including my plane!

  19. Nice collection. Stumbled it

  20. hi, thanks for sharing. would not use it though but i might consider using them in future design just for testing :)

  21. Hey cool you made a post about it! I did notice the plane in loads of sites and was thinking why is everyone using the same thing lol! Anyway, I would like to add one more to the list :P

    • I didn′t notice the paper planes in the website yet, but I think it is a perfect icon.
      It symolizes the speed and it also reminds you about your youth :)
      Really cool, I love it :-)


  22. thank you for these examples, i liked the red one in no.4 :)

  23. you sure have noticed a real nice thing. Wouldn’t call it trend but yes, the plane seems to be appearing often in cool websites.

    nice collection. thanks

  24. Nice collection but I wouldn’t quite call it a trend yet, maybe just a nice example of a design idea.

  25. Good list! I am really loving the “Things We Make” paper plane! Thanks for sharing GR :-)

  26. I have seen it on some times but didn’t knew that it has become a trend to do that. all sites look pretty. great post! dugg