Recent Projects

Repeal of the 18th Amendment This archival based book argues for the importance of prohibition repealist arguments as political theories of popular constitutionalism in their own right.

Gender Forward teaching of Political Science With my co-editor, Katia Levintova, this volume examines the state of gender in Political Science, with attention to both existing inequalities and gender as an analytical component in research, dissertations and the classroom. My chapter argues for the importance of transparent and transformative SoTL with attention to intersectionality.

Current Projects

“Flannery O’Connor, Hannah Arendt & Political Theory” for Rediscovering Flannery O’Connor, an edited volume aimed at new directions in O’Connor studies building on the 2013 Rediscovering Flannery O’Connor NEH Summer Institute

“The gender of corporate personhood”– this article looks at the origins and life of the idea of corporate personhood and asks whether, as a legal subject, it has a gender. The argument is that corporate persons fulfilled a reproductive capacity for their initial creators and serve, now, a hegemonic function.

Future Projects

Book project on mid-century political theory and literature, focus on Hannah Arendt and Flannery O’Connor. Their work shares many themes, and O’Connor may have even been drawing on Arendt’s theories of totalitarianism in her work, but both writers struggled to conceptualize and respond to new social movements, like black civil rights and feminism, in their work and thinking. Reading them together helps explain why– both authors failed to understand the links between material and economic life and identity, even as their ideas pointed towards this connection.