Page Peel Social Icons – Version 2


Hi friends, Thanks for the overwhelming response for the Page Peel Iconset As per the requests from some readers, I am releasing a second set of

Page Peel Icons

The icons are transparent PNGs and the available dimensions are 128 x 128 and 64×64

Page Peel Icons Version 2

Thanks guys! Feel free to use the comment form, if you want me to add a service to this iconset.

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Hi Gopal

    Beautiful icons…thank you. ANy chance of


  2. Love these, but would like to see Etsy, Facebook, Google+ for sure, and maybe even YouTube and Twitter, included please! Can’t wait to put on my blog!

  3. i think this collection is the best but i would like some more buttons such as

  4. Hi,

    These are great icons! It would be great if you could make an Instagram one too :D

    Keep up the great work

  5. Just starting to get my site together. Love your icons, but I need Goodreads and Wattpad aswell. Would love to add these to my site.

  6. Hi,
    I have created a pinterest icon which is on my website:
    you can download it if you want ;)

    • Reda,
      Do you have larger versions of your Instagram and Pinterest icons? I need something like the 64×64 in the set. Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks so much! I would really love a Pinterest one too – please!!

  8. Owww… Thank you very much! I love this icon. :)

  9. Social does plays vital role specially now Pinterest is also going ways..

  10. i want to make a page peel input button,,same as your page peel icon set.. please hel me soon…

  11. Is it this iconset free for comercial use?

  12. These are quite unusual social media sets. I really like their uniqueness. Therefore, I have included them at

  13. Hi Gopal, many thanks have downloaded the set , I am new at bloging how do I put it on to my site.
    Kind regards,

  14. another vote for Pinterest….

  15. Indeed awesome. We decided to use it on our website after at the first sight. Keep up the great work.

  16. Another vote for Pinterest please! Gorgeous icons@

  17. Definitely the best looking social icons!

  18. Another vote for a Pinterest icon. That would complete the set for my site!

    Great buttons!

  19. Another vote for a Pinterest icon, that would round out the set for me ;-)

  20. I can’t figure out how to install the page peel icons as I can’t see any file for code in the download I just clicked above. Pls help with code and install instructions

  21. Hey, I love this icon … But, I need envato icons as well .. Pleaassseeee …….

  22. I agree with Amanda’s comment below. A Pinterest icon would be fabulous!

  23. Awesome icons! Keep em comin!

  24. I really need the facebook one!! Can I create it on my own? Or will you be adding it soon?

  25. Hey thanks alot for the icons, love them, very fresh, & unique!!

  26. Have you added a Pinterest icon yet? Would love to have it! :)

  27. Missing Tagged & Myyearbook.
    Other than that AWESOME! :D

  28. Adding pinterest would be great!! Thx. Love it!

  29. they look untidy and grunge, but that’s all about web, something that stands out uniquely.

  30. Loved the Icon package and I must say you have a cool blog. Greatly impressed by your blog Design!!

    Thumbs UP!! :D

  31. Great! Now I’ve got all that I need:
    Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
    Amazing icons! Will definitely use them.

  32. These icons will go perfectly with the background on my website.

    You are awesome for sharing this stuff.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Thanks SO much for this great icon set!!!! I would LOVE to see a pinterest icon added to the set …

  34. Great!!! Really great!!!

  35. exelente

  36. Is there not a download button?

  37. Hey, I love these but I could really use a foursquare icon. Do you think you’ll be able to release this soon?

  38. where’s the windows logo

  39. Brilliant! Thanks for your talents and sharing them!

  40. Thank you for the icons

  41. kEWL ! love your blog’s design and everything :) Just amazing !

  42. That icon collection is brilliant! Cheers!

  43. Thank you so much, I have been looking for a set that included Picasa, finally!

  44. These icons are fantastic. They go perfectly with my website look and feel. Do you have one for Gowalla, Foursquare, Posterous, etc? Do you have the source/PSD file available so folks could create others?

  45. Gopal bhai – I like your icons very much and features them in my new roundup . I noticed them on deviant but linked this page for download

    30 Beautiful Social Media Icons Set –

    I hope you will like it .


  46. Hi Gopal ! Thank you for the icons. They are really cool !

  47. I don’t see a download button, what am I missing?

  48. Hi Gopal,
    Is there any chance of getting psd sources somewhere (even not free) ?

  49. Thank you so much for these. I really love them. One request: I am not a big fan of the twitter bird. For Twitter, could you add another with the infamous, “t”.


  50. A Shelfari button would be awesome (I have a GoodReads one that looks exactly like this even though I don’t see it here).

  51. Thanks for great, free icons!

  52. Many thanks, guy!!!! Used some icons at my blog.

    Would be nice to have a Google Maps icon. I beg you… ;-)

    Thanks again

  53. Thanks.. Very Nice Icon Set.

  54. this is great, thanks

  55. Thanks! I love you icon set! Just what I needed for my page! I linked you on a tutorial. Feel free to drop by.

  56. This is soooo cool!! Thanks a bunch!

  57. “WOW!!! A wonderful Social Media Iconset that can make everyone fall in love at the first sight”

  58. I like them,thak you.

  59. Gopal ~ Thank you for sharing your wonderful icons! I love them all! I’m using a twitter bird and the page peel social icons too! I love your winking Twitter Bird! Thanks again and I added you on my blog. Shar

  60. Great work dude, i appreciate it, i use this into my blogger, thank’s a lot..

  61. How about icons for Shelfari, Goodreads, and Library Things? No one has anything for the book blogging community.
    Amazon would be great to have too…

  62. Excellent set, have them up on my site now. Many thanks for sharing.

    I’d love an icon if you plan on bringing out another set!

  63. Nice icon set, great job! Thanks for your work :)

  64. I see you no longer reply to commments. I will make my own GR and TF icons but can not share so please no enquiries.

  65. As there’s no PSD would you add icons for ThemeForest and pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee .

  66. Perfect! these are exactly what I needed for my website redesign coming end of April 2010. Thanks x 100

    Shame there’s no PSD.

  67. You could make an RSS icon?

  68. Any chance of a Posterous icon? These are really fantastic! Thanks

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  70. The icons are tasty :D And yea a new version os buzz would be awesome..i would like to try them also!!

  71. Hi,
    I love this icon set, but it is possible to add a print and google buzz button for the next version?

    Thank you

  72. Love your site … feel proud to be indian :)

    portfolio is … awesome !

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  78. Thank you. Very beautiful icons.

    In the next version, can you add the Alexa, Dmoz and Bing icons?


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  80. Fantabulous, as always!

  81. these are amazing, I hope you do not mind if I share them through my blog :)

  82. Hey, could you do an iTunes one please or a generic Apple one? I want to add these onto my site but cant until I have that. Awesome work

  83. Wow! These Icons are extremely cool.. I specially liked the Paypal one. Downloading now Will use it in some of my future designs

  84. I really love this set…thank you so much for sharing it! Any chance of a google wave icon?

  85. Very cool icon designs! Thank you very much for those. I have to ask though… do you have something against Facebook?

  86. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Any chance of a podcast icon?


  87. Great idea! it looks so from what is out there you have truely out done your self.

  88. just wondering will you have one for dailybooth?

  89. excellent icons.. will use them on my site..

  90. awesome icons, and a brilliant site design. i am in love with the jQuery effects on the sidebar,footer and the comment preview.i have include this icon pack to my list of 100+ icon packs :)

  91. You are great Gopal! Can you include the IWIW logo too? Because it’s a huge social network. (
    Thanks in advance.

  92. Why Page peel social icons version-2 could not be installed in wordpress????

  93. Fantastic icon pack. I missed only 2 things. First is an e-mail icon and second is a hungarian social network icon, because I am hungarian. If you could draw these 2 things I’d be very appreciated. :D

  94. You have a really great blod. Very well designed! I enjoy it. I’ts good to see some such good work. Keep it up.


  95. These are beautiful! Very well made – Thank you so much :D

  96. @Gopal: I need icon. Is there any chance you can make it for me? :)


  97. Outstanding. Thanks much.

  98. Is there any chance of getting PSD source? I really like to make icon :) I neeeeeeed it :)

  99. Fantastic set! Thank you for putting it up. :) As for requests, could you possibly add icons for Amazon, GoodReads, and Ravelry? Thank you again!

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  101. Nice work, thanks for sharing the icons with us.

  102. thank you verey much

  103. Can you add friendfind icon too? I don’t find in both peel icon set. And i use this images on my blog social bookmarking system. Nice icon set, as i say =)

  104. how do i add these social bookmark to my blog? I have downloaded them but they appear as jpg image

  105. Thanks and sorry i miss that post. Thanks again =)

  106. Nice design and nice set. But i need facebook icon. Can you add facebook icon too?

  107. Thank you very much for this nice collection

    love your blog :)

  108. I really love your pagepeel icons! They are so great! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    But I miss an “amazon” icon for my blog… ^_~

  109. Hey thanks for releasing the 2nd set too.. :) I used ur torn page icons in the redesign of my website… But i didn’t place it directly just like that.. I made it such that when the user scrolls over normal icons, it comes out tearing the page :P Obviously, couldn’t make it look that great but even this wouldn’t have been possible without your torn page icons :)

  110. Excelente pack de iconos… yo los uso en mi WebSite… lo invito a que entren…

  111. These are GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing!

  112. veryyyyy nic tnx bro for that

  113. Nice work Gopal i am impressed completely by your work.Great work.
    Seeking permission to publish your work in my blog with whole credit to you.

  114. wonderful work yet again gopal. Really love your attention to detail.

    Thanks for sharing

  115. Yes:) a blogger/blogspot icon will be great. do consider for your future icon sets :)

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  117. Wow man. I didn’t use them earlier ’cause some were missing but they are back now.
    Thanks alot. You rock ! ;)

  118. Thanks Gopal :)
    Hey Do you know how to read others thoughts? lol I was disparately gonna ask a version 2 of it.. but glad you did it ;)

  119. It is a lovely icons set i must say your work is one of the best i’ve seen and these icons are just mind blowing!
    Wonder when i can make one :)