IE not interpreting text-indent on submit buttons ?

I’ve worked on many projects where in I had to style the form/input buttons using custom background images. That is, I had to hide the default text of the button. It’s not a big deal, I know. But it is, when it comes to IE. Let’s review this in detail.

The following image(button background) has been used for this tutorial. You may right click and save it.

Sample Image

1: HTML Code

Create a HTML page and insert a button with a class, “button”.


2: Style Sheet

I included the following in my stylesheet.

input.button {
border: none;
background: transparent url(images/submit_btn.gif) no-repeat center;
overflow: hidden;
text-indent: -999px;

Fixed width, overflow:hidden and negative text indent will hide the text of any button. This works well in all browsers except IE.

3: The Problem

The image below shows how IE displays the button.

IE Issue

You can see the black text within the button which looks odd.

4: IE Fix

So finally, here goes the three line CSS code that does the work for you.
Modify your CSS as shown below.

border: none;
background: transparent url(images/submit_btn.gif) no-repeat center;
overflow: hidden;
text-indent: -999px;

font-size: 0;
line-height: 0;

5: How it works

Let’s see how it works.

font-size:0 is used to reduce the font size and works well in IE7. But even after adding this line, you would notice a black line(which is basically the text) on the center of the button in IE6.

display:block Negative text-indent works in IE only if this is added.

line-height: 0 Another fix for IE6.

I have included the sample files for your reference.

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  3. You saved me so much time, I redesign my website and IE makes a lot of problems – thank you for the solution it works well.

    I wish you a happy new year! :)

  4. please will you help me get this to play in IE?

  5. Thanks a lot for this info, i also found that:

    input.button { text-indent: -9000px; text-transform: capitalize; }


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  11. Thank you for this great tip. I was using IE Tester to test a WordPress site I’m doing and notice the text showing on top of the submit button.

    Added your CSS rules to my ie7 style sheet and it worked like a charm.

  12. Wow. This fixes my client’s site – and mine! Being on a MacBook Air all day, it’s easy to ignore IE’s hiccups. Great tutorial!

  13. this works for ie7 and higher {
    text-indent: -9999px;
    text-transform: uppercase;

  14. I also discovered that adding text-transform: capitalize; works

    From the following forum:

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  22. Thank you so much, I thought you only needed line-height:0; for IE, but you showed me that overflow:hidden; display:block; and font:0; are needed as well and now it works.

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  29. vlad fratila May 16, 2011 4:31 am

    Hey, just wanted to say that the other fixes seem to not be needed for IE7. Adding only display:block made it work for me.

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  32. i just faced a similar problem but I added another class inside the first one and hide the text that way. Extra markup I like your idea way better

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  35. Just use this in your ie.css… it’s that simple

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  37. This works but it’s not accessible. Therefor screen readers won’t see it and Google might get funny about it when it sees text-size:0!

    The best way I’ve found is to either set the input type to an image button or use the element [button] instead of [input].

    On the first method, remember to add alt text so screen readers can see it.

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  51. Wow! This is cool! I found a partial fix on another website that did not work for IE6. Your solution did it. I wonder if the line-height: 0; would not actually be enough (without the font-size: 0). In any event, it’s really sad that we have to trick IE so much to do such simple things!

    Thanks much for the solution! 8-)

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  57. It’s not working in IE7. please provide some other way. My code is below:-

    border: none;
    background: transparent url(../images/blue.jpg) no-repeat center;
    overflow: hidden;
    text-indent: -999px;

    font-size: 0;
    line-height: 0;

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  60. Nicholas Wright July 22, 2010 8:06 am

    Thanks for the help!
    This seems to work for me without the need for font-size: 0;

  61. I was using a submit button with a background image. I found that I actually did not need to declare “display: block” for it to work in IE7 and IE8. I did need the other three styles however (text-indent, font-size, and line-height).

    Thanks for this!

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  68. Nice little fix, i found that display: inline-block; worked nice to keep buttons in a row.


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    Also, you’re comment submission form is awesome!

  70. Thanks,
    I had to switch my button to input type=”submit” because internet exploader 7 would not let me submit with multiple buttons at the same time. I really like buttons but I guess we have to wait for ie8 to become the dominate browser. uhg.

  71. Thank you very much for this problem solution.

  72. Ha thanks mate! I’ve come across this a few times just never Googled the correct stuff to get a decent answer. Worked really well! I’ve been told that input type=image causes no issues to developers anyway so might as well just use that but for the case when you can’t this is useful!

    Also had an issue with IE6/7 not honoring ‘border: none’ on inputs. Have to also declare ‘border-color: transparent’ for IE6/7 and everything works perfectly.


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  74. Thanks. This was perfect!

  75. Thanks for the tip. I try to not spend too much time worrying about how ie6 renders my site but three lines of code isn’t much extra foot work. Also, IE7 was not recognizing the negative text-indent until I added this either. Great post!

  76. Why bother with IE6? Its market share is not (just barely) less than 20%. Even Google is giving up on it. :) And also, I would use width:0px; padding-left:114px;overflow:hidden – works like a charm ;)

    • Thanks for your comment. Whether to bother about IE6 or not actually depends on your target audience. There are still clients who are insistent about making things work in IE. ;)

  77. Add:

    float: left;

    to both of the buttons. If u can, its always a good idea to specify the with property also.

  78. Since it has a “display:block”, it always renders a carriage return after the button. How would you manage to draw two of these buttons in the same row without using tables?

  79. I tried this and worked well, but after a bit more trying I found a simpler way:

    text-indent: -1000px; /* hide the value */
    line-height: 0px; /* IE6 an IE7 FIX */

    • Thanks Gopal for this fix and that you iChr for the excellent update. I found your one liner worked super in the case where I positioned by input absolutely.

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  84. The only thing you need to negatively indent text in an input type=”button” is to put “text-transform:capitalize” :)

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    One pet peeve though. When specifying something as 0 you don’t need to add px or em or anything to it. A simple 0 does the job.

    0px is the same as 0elephants

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  97. Thanks for this admin! For those who are asking about the reasons why someone would want to do this…. Well my reason is slightly different. I want to use an image as a background and slide it upwards for the hover state. Just as you would do for a normal link. And this helps to achieve that.

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  102. Hi Gopal, What about using “button” tag?

    Also about this site. Is I am missing a fav icon on your wesite ?

  103. Great Fix, But you can also achief this (text-indention on IE/FF/Safari) by setting the text-align attribute to align left and text-indent to a negative value.

    .class a{

  104. Fantastic – this is the only solution I’ve seen that works in IE8 as well as 7 :)

    Thanks for a great tutorial

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  107. @Ahraham: Fortunateluy, display is not necesary, works with or without display

  108. You have a spelling mistake in your title of this artile. “interpreting” should be the right onw.

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  112. Thanks so much for this – I’ve had this problem for ages – my workaround was to include submit in tags or, more brutally, make font-size so large that text would disappear from screen.

    Your solution even works in IE6!

    Thanks again.

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  114. Text-indent On submit button doesn’t seem to work on Opera. Has anybody found a fix for Opera?

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    • Hi Gopal

      Great fix but it doesn’t work in Opera? Someone else mentioned this too.

      Is there a fix for the browser?

  119. wow man that’s awesome! a clean fix for my freaking IE problem. thanks dude!

  120. great fix!

    fyi: display: block; forces the button down if is displayed next to an input.
    if you use display: inline; the fix still works.

  121. Oh man, thank you so much for this!

    I have been struggling with this one for quite some time, and it is great to find a simple and logical answer to it.

    Your site is hereby bookmarked.

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  123. This was a very good fix, thanks a bunch!

  124. @Jack Excellent!! That does the trick.

  125. I didn’t know that type image won’t work in IE. I have seen it used in many places.

    Yeah I noticed the 1px in ie6. Just played with it and I think the code below is also working fine(FF and ie6)

    border: none;
    background: transparent url(submit_btn.gif) no-repeat center;
    text-indent: -9999px;

  126. @Jack That is a very valid question :)

    Using Input type image to replace submit isn’t ideal, since some browsers(eg: IE) may not even submit the form. That is one of the main reasons why we have a input type=”submit”

    Regarding font-size:0 for input type=button, it gives the same result as for font-size:1px; in IE6. For some reason IE takes 1px for fonts even if you give 0px.
    However, font-size:0px works fine in IE7. So I’ve modified my post accordingly.

    I hope this helps. Please do let me know if you have further questions.

  127. I think we have a type=”image” option for this.

    If it has to be type=”button”, I think using font-size:0; will be better as it won’t have to rely on line-height and color.

  128. I see! Thank you for sharing this!


  129. @Bumblebee That’s a very good question :) First of all, it is a standard to add the value attribute for buttons. There are browsers that doesn’t support CSS. Those browsers would display the button text, only in the presence of the value attribute.

  130. ..ah, may be a foolish suggestion, but, if you are using a custom background image with “Submit” written on it, then why do you need the VALUE=”Submit” for the INPUT element? Can’t you just remove that than worrying for the fix?