Trend Review: Coffee Cups in webdesign

Use of Coffee Cups is another interesting trend I noticed recently. Some of them are relevant to the websites’ services while others are not. However, coffee cups are visually appealing and are weaving path to another interesting design trend :)

1. Wild Zeitung


2. Art Flavours


3. BrandStorm


4. Cofee In Town


5. Design54


6. Ficod 2008


7. Haus Hoyer


8. Icon Icon


9. Jimmyoh


10. Kinoz


11. Lee Munroe


12. Rodney Edwards


13. teh C peng


14. The Piss Biscuit


15. Jwhanif


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  1. Wow! these are some really great ideas of how to use coffee cups in web designs. Amazing collection I must say.

  2. I saw the Art flavor design, and it reminded me of some great coffee art I saw on youtube.. amazing stuff… I was blown away how beautiful some of those coffee cups were looking.

    I am not a coffee drinker, but if somenone would give me a cup so beautiful looking, I might enjoy it

  3. I think coffee’s played a part in web-design for many years, although these newer designs are a lot better.

    The use of Java spawned a lot of coffee cups on sites, and I’m sure the take-off of internet cafes played a part in associating the internet with coffee.

    Cool collection though!

  4. I going to start putting coffee cups in my designs.

  5. Very nice collection..i like the coffee stuff in webdesign so i decided to name my own little company Coffeebean Webdesign..have a look if you want..greetz from germany

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  8. Nice article, I love it.. and I love coffee… no inspiration without it (

    and by the way… don′t forget my friend Markus… visit him at


  9. Wow, that is a cool collection, we also have coffee as part of our web design & development forum design – come and check us out at http://webprocafe. Look forward to seeing you.

  10. Awesome list! I think abduzeedo should be added for his cup :) –>

  11. wow that is a lot of coffee cups. Coffee really is the backbone of our society’s “fuel” supply. It sure does keep us up and running. Long live coffee!

  12. Enjoying reading through your trend reviews Gopal. Keep it up!

  13. A great collection! Fantastic!
    By the way… i will have a coffee break right now ;-)