Announcing the launch of IndoFolio


Good News! I’ve quit my day job to get to do the things I enjoy doing very much on the internet! Yes, that means I’ll be spending more time on ProductiveDreams and taking up freelance projects at the same time. As a first step, I am launching my portfolio –

In this post I would like to give you a brief overview on IndoFolio and its design.

Indofolio - Portfolio of Gopal Raju

Why IndoFolio?

I wanted to use a domain name that makes it clear that I am from India and Indo is the most popular prefix used to indicate India. My second requirement was to include “folio” which makes it obvious that this is my portfolio.

Concept behind the design

My name “Gopal” is another manifestation of Krishna who was one of the incarnations/avatars of Lord Vishnu according to Hindu mythology. This inspired me to include other avatars of Lord Vishnu as well. Nothing religious! This was just an attempt to come up with a unique design concept.

Just to let you know, I am a great fan of Russian Art! and was very concerned about achieving an Indo-Russian effect. Though it took me some time playing with Fireworks and Photoshop, I’m happy with the final output.

Softwares Used

The initial draft of IndoFolio was created using Fireworks and was purely vector. Then I took it to photoshop, to burn and dodge a few areas which helped me achieve the “painting” effect. I believe Photoshop gives more control when it comes to burning and dodging.

In the following images, you can compare the Fireworks and Photoshop version of the avatars. I’ve given a one line description about each avatar, for those who are curious

Matsya – The Fish Incarnation is the first one among all.
Matsya avatar - Fish
Kurma- Lord Vishu assumed the form of a tortoise for this avatar.
Kurma Avatar - Tortoise
Krishna (aka Gopal) is considered to be the 8th avatar.
Krishna Avatar - Gopal
Varaha- The Boar, is one of the interesting incarnations which appeared in order to defeat a demon.
Varaha - Boar
and finallyVamana, the dwarf brahmin.
Vamana Avatar - Dwarf

These are just 5 of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Image Optimization

Optimizing the images was a challenge as I had to maintain the image quality. Transparency being a major thing to consider, I had to convert most of the images to 24bit PNGs. I used some online image optimizers like PNGCrush to reduce the file size.

HTML/CSS Development

This was really challenging as my goal was to create a single page website using these avatars. I planned to use JQuery to make the site more lively, different and user friendly. Using JQuery intensely for a single page website is no sin ;)

After doing some research, I decided go ahead with horizontal parallax. For more details about Parallax check out my previous blog post (I created this post while working on IndoFolio).

So that’s it! I would be glad to hear your comments (good or bad) on IndoFolio.

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Really interesting stuff here! Thank you for sharing this amazing designs!

  2. Never seen a site more creative than this…

  3. Can u give the psd files for reference

  4. Wow..your designs are simply amazing. You and your designs are quite an inspiration for newbies.. I hope you excel more and more in the future

  5. these are the problems in IE6:

    1-the main div which contains your portfolio and information is not properly visible, means the upper area (wehre you place the expand button) is not showing. some empty are is on bottom.

    2- next and previous buttons are not working.
    3- sliding is not smooth.

    else i am sending you a screen-shot of home page.

    (sorry to misspell your name in previous post)

  6. WOW! I’m absolutely loving IndoFolio!
    One of the best portfolios that I have seen.

  7. hi Gopa!
    Happy New Year!
    Very attractive design, keep it up..
    very good .. i like it very much
    I dont know why indians are still using IE6. BTW, there is some problem in your website while i check it on IE6!

  8. Gopal,

    I’m your newest fan! Love all your sites; very original, unique and mind-blowingly creative :) Keep up the great work buddy and looking forward for more awesome work from you . Good luck with the freelance. Keep in touch if you ever need another freelance’s extra hand in any project =D Cheers!

  9. Awesome design!
    I have included it in my post – Weekly Web Design Inspiration #02 –

  10. Hey gopal, its really good news that you are following your dream.

    May the new year brings lots of fortune to you and indofilio. :)

  11. im also like punyPNG too :)

    free web design software

  12. brilliant work… every things good … :)

  13. Hi Gopal,
    Though I’m a Muslim but I really loved the way you have setup your new Portfolio.
    Cool Sliding and really awesome illustrations.
    Good stuff and I guess you are now a full-time freelancer eh? :)

    • Thanks for your comments Enk :)
      As I mentioned above, there is nothing religious in it. I just wanted to come up something unique :)

      And yes, I am a full time freelancer now!

  14. @Jyostna @Kumaresh @Navdeep @DonS @h1brd @Robin John @Alex Thanks a lot for the comments guys!

  15. Hey I simply loved ur webpage. Its quite amazing. Rocking work. the simplicity of the theme is the best

  16. Sky is the limit…Once again a unique concept…Great Attempt

  17. wow… really amazing work dude. you are always up with your creativity… great work!

  18. Really inventive work. Easy on the eyes, and a joy to use. Excellent!

  19. Have to say it looks amazing, great Illustration work.

  20. Indo?? Hmmm, I was thinking Indonesia! ;-)

    Great website mate, I’m very impressed, looks slick and kinda grungey at the same time – difficult to achieve but you’ve done it with style!!

    Congratulations. LOVING this “comment preview” box as well!

  21. Hi there, just found out your website. Man, it’s awesome ;) Great job, you’ve got talent!

  22. And you can use png fix for IE6 other wise its fine .

  23. nice work man .g8 creativity . i hope you ll create more sites like this which are related to indian culture.

    Thanks for shearing you creativity

  24. WoW dude, you are Awesome, you are showing the creativity of Kerala (God’s own place) :) – loved your portfolio – Simply Awesome.

    I think you have kept your dreams here in IndoFolio. Good job buddy.

    And its always tough to take a brave step – yeh to be your own boss.

    Good luck for all what you do, and many this New Year will bring you a huge success.

    I am a big fan of you and your creativity now :)

  25. WOW! incredibly talented. The concept, execution is just brilliant. Great job and you have done the right thing by going solo.

    Hope to work with you sometime in the future.

  26. good work buddy… nice job, its a very creative idea…

  27. Really very nice dude!

    But, You have to check the site in IE (Internet Explorer).

  28. Really very nice dude!
    I wonder about your hardwork..

    Please highlight the home menu on load to make the menu more visible :)

    HATS OFF :)

  29. Wow… this is the best portfolio site I have ever seen designed by a fellow Indian. Simply awesome…. love the scrolling idea and the divine motif… awesome work, Gopal..

    But, i feel the navigation area(at the bottom) is lost and is given less significance and make sure you highlight your portfolio work, they seem a bit small.

    All in all, MARVELOUS JOB

  30. Nice work Gopal!
    The horizontal sliding is sure to become a trend in the coming months.

    Just noticed that the title tag is empty. Did u miss it or was it on purpose?

  31. Beautiful work! I’m sure we’ll be seeing this site showing up all over in ‘best designs/css/horizontal/etc’ lists in 2010.

  32. First of all : You are THE “BlakMagik Man ” ! Secondly : This site is PURE Magic and most definitely one of the Most Creative & Beautiful Sites residing & inhabiting the ! Everything you do is pure artistic & creative genius Gopal ( and I’m glad you quit your day job ! -It didnt deserve you anyway ! :D ) I am overjoyed that you will be spending your precious time and your God given gift in pursuing what you were born & meant to do : Creating Beauty & Beautifying the Web , but moreover : Sharing all of this beauty with us and allowing us to be participants and an audience to your creative process . Thank you for sharing these precious personal self inherent attributes with all of us . We Love You & everything you do . :) Many continued blessings to you my friend .

  33. What a great and unique design! Excellent work! I love the one-page concept too.

    I would only suggest you to make your featured projects on portfolio page a little bigger. They need to stand out because they are the key to your new clients.

    And everything else is lovely!

    I wish you huge luck and all the best!

  34. Awesome design..

    Im proud that you’re a Keralite..!
    Im also from Trivandrum. :)

    GREAT JOB.. again..!!

  35. Nice design ..I love the details :)

  36. This is one of the most awesome design that I have seen. You are amazing buddy

  37. OMG!!! :D So much thinking process behind this.. man this surely has to be one of the most perfect design which depicts INDIA and its Culture… Awesome!! :)

    Bow Down to You Brother! ;)

  38. Awesome! :)
    love the slide feature and the avatar!
    if i may add, adding a favicon would be more cool! :D

  39. Wow! Cool illustrations buddy.. They shows a unique style. A style of your own..! :envy: seriously..! ;)
    Good luck then.